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HK Bellawings has taken delivery of 2 Boeing Business Jets within a month

Facilities in the BBJ include a bedroom, a bathroom with a full shower, a meeting room, a dining area and a living room.

23rd August 2016

HK Bellawings Received 2 Boeing Business Jets

HK Bellawings (the “Company”) has reached an important milestone as the Company has taken over two Boeing Business Jets in less than a month. The two BBJs were taken delivery in Hong Kong and the United States respectively.


Boeing Business Jet is one of the most iconic and luxurious private jets in the market. It has long been a staple amongst government leaders and business elites. The biggest aircraft in HK Bellawings’ fleet, BBJ boasts a bedroom, bathrooms full showers, meeting room, dining room and a living room. The aircraft is also equipped with advanced technologies. It is powered by CFM56 engine and boasts the highly accurate RNP navigation technology. BBJ has a flying range of over 11,000 kilometers, thus can cover the Beijing-Melbourne route or Dubai-New York route.


“Under the supervision of an experienced service and engineering team, HK Bellawings has developed rapidly within two years. Ours receiving 2 Boeing Business Jets within a month is testament to our clients’ trust and support, and provides us with great motivation for future expansion,” said Mr. Zhang Yijia, Executive President of HK Bellawings.